Everyone who saw the Baikal will keep in the memory of majectic views of this lake surrounding by green hills. Before each man Baikal appears differently. Someone remembers it as quite place with blue mirror of the waters; someone - fiercely fighting with granite rocks; someone see it icebond and tame by thousands storms...
Sergey Sargsyan, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences
Baikal gives us great joy and deep delight. It boggles the imagination with its monumentalism and something beauiful, powerful, eternal in its nature. It has a high spot – the deeper you know it, it becomes more tempting for you and you understand how it is unique compared everything you’ve seen before.
Oleg Gusev, zoologist, president of the Baikal Committee of all-Russian society of nature protection
It would seem the Baikal must depress people with its greatness and massive size - everything in this lake is so impressively, freely and mysterious, - but nevertheless it makes him sublime in the eyes of millions of people. Being on the Baikal you feel elation and spirituality, as if you were touched by some invisible magic, someone’s all-powerful breath and you were chosen to share with you the secrets of existence.
Valentin Rasputin, the great Russian writer, publicist
Lake Baikal is really amazing and not wihout reason Siberians call it a sea, not a lake. Its water is so clear that it seems it’s not a water at all, it’s someting like air. Its colour is light turquoise with very delicate shades, pleasant to the eye.
Anton Chekhov, Russian writer, a well-known classic of world literature
of water
For the production of the first organic vodka - “Baikal” - we use the purest water on the planet - the water from lake Baikal. We carefully draw it near the village Listvyanka from a depth of 500 meters. Water from lake Baikal contains a high level of oxygen, which makes it particulary useful.
of water
The water from the Baikal we directly delivered to Ulyanovsk spirits producer, having over a century of history. Water is delivered by water carters in clean containers in compliance with all temperature requirements.
The Baikal
in every drop
  • Made from life-giving Baikal water